Promo ping! Russian U-2 Film.

18 = AH = Adolf …… | Ni Minuti Pokoya (A Moment’s Peace) – #Lev #Leschenko | Leva | #Lions_Club Arbat District 123 | US #intelligence in #Moskau | §123 StGB german criminal code – #Burglary | made by stoned #police-co-workers in #Lions #City #Wuppertal | checkmate against duma chackmate player #lobby of Lions Club member in my country

-“18 = AH = Adolf ……

  1. adult-filter ? lol

  2. | clear – browsing for clearing = espionage | 1111 | 14OT14OT14OT
    14 | Adolf Deutsch
    OT =

  3. give all your traffic to that guys, because the local fascists makes UDP-phishing troubles, and you will never come out from your digital trail: they will know everything: your money, business- and sex partners, kids for kidnapping, cars, you use, the name of the dog of your friends, what for paints do you like. Psycho cult, also. 488-scientologists-hackers.


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