Promo ping! Russian U-2 Film.

Actor Biden means Bid like Sale or receipt of stolen goods

18 U.S. Code § 2315. #Sale or #receipt of #stolen_goods, #securities, #moneys, or fraudulent State #tax_stamps – the crime #business of #local_police in #Germany as a part of 18 U.S. Code §1091 #Genocide with #lifetime or #death_penalty

-“Actor Biden means Bid like Sale or receipt of stolen goods

  1. Army Of Lovers – Obsession like “Possession of stolen goods” have fun with it till you are in the sky lol

  2. Mr. Biden was used as public actor to provide information about bidding business in authorities, which sale illegal confiscated (stolen) goods. Just in case of culture and law research: Typical representation for that business (resale of property) in american police is …kayak. I don’t know why kayak, but I register the correlation already five times (spies nearby of military factory in Russia, tramp looking guy Feodr Konyukhov, kayak fun trip from my dear “friends”, neighbors, some video documentation on YouTube about sheriffs business). May be that is the code word of criminals or sects or keyword for end of the life. I don know. Kayak.

  3. I don’t tell you how it works in the international context, but thanks for one more link to Russian jurisdiction:


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