Promo ping! Russian U-2 Film.

Castor Transport in Gorleben 1996 & Minsk

Historic #nuclear #castor #transport & #Minsk #today (2020)

-“Castor Transport in Gorleben 1996 & Minsk

  1. Most probably nuclear / atom waste -> Germany -> Belarus or Ukraineбелорусская+АЭС

  2. look at Undine von Blottnitz (10:32) and at Ursula von der Leyen

  3. Castor-Transport as a citizens resistance against “The Verein”

  4. CLEAR: “The only one Verein” [Fer:ein] radar techniques with fake frequencies on the website (Old school GHz-Bands) and registered nuclear radar tracking trails in Wuppertal-City the Society makes also applied research …on humans. I don’t want to be tracked, for example. The page contains with the face copy of corrupt police officer: See also the weather anomaly 29.05.2018 as the answer on law breaking in the Wuppertal police and connected organizations and mutations and cancer research by NATO doctors in the reality. The best Nazi traditions are real in the present time.


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