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Crime connection DIEter

#Dieter_Romann, der Mann außerhalb seiner #Eisenbahn #Kompetenzen in #Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Police_%28Germany%29 My personal associative array: #Düsseldorf#Wehrhahn#TNT#bomb#Bombay – #TV #NTV #TNT – #Milinder Haus – #swastika #connection#Lange#Langley#CIA#Auslauf für seine #Infanterie what makes no sense – #Nazi – very specific #relationship to #arab people – verdeckt und unverdeckt – #covering by #psychologists#federal_police in #Germany itself – #highest_terrorism_potential#cologne #dome #Silvester chaos – #Maiziere – top #espionage competence – no #investigation #competence#BKA – all the tricks of SAS / MI6 – #recruiting#home_office#affairs#recon – work instead of local police sometimes – probably the coordination center for questions from abroad – permanently fake investigation ways – no results – #provocations#V_people

-“Crime connection DIEter

  1. Zeugen verschwinden regulär – broken connections – clearing, no investigation – hobby – larry farry as police – strong as paramilitary operations professionals – no difference between private an corporate property – too much free time – GTAZ cleaner

  2. Düsseldorf – NRW – Hürth – Constantin Film – TV NTV TNT – Analphabeten / Übersetzer – поле чудес – Heidi – Felde – VV TNT – ВВ – взрывчатое вещество тринитротолуол – https://nbs-partner.de/pong/ping/trinitrotoluol – выдача автономера K VV 2383 – Cologne – Köln – Straßenverkehrsamt – V-People – Markierung – эквивалентно “наговаривание” или “целеуказание” – ТЕРРОРИСТЫ В ОРГАНАХ – повторы трюков в органах маркировкой в гражданских судебных документах вроде фашисткого слогана “88” – УК РФ Статья 238, часть 3. Производство, хранение, перевозка либо сбыт товаров и продукции, выполнение работ или оказание услуг, не отвечающих требованиям безопасности – британский сектор – ЧП и вакцианация террористов в ответ – Дитер болен – Dieter Bohlen – https://nbs-partner.de/pong/veronika-polevaya

  3. Phenomenon Literacy-Translator – https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabetisierung_(Lesef%C3%A4higkeit) – in Germany a lot of special forces espionage technicians cars with some strange firm / slogan – Latin words with Russian (other languages) sense – MAD and crazy – look in PRISM databases for liars – https://nbs-partner.de/pong/vyglyadet-kak-nikson

  4. funny auto car number K GB **** – family car ) https://nbs-partner.de/pong/dom-milindera#comment-2121


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