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Development status of the

New app for the own private search engine of #NBS was nearly completed this night. The crazy #CIA-alike #spies celebrates their #espionage #hacking #skills on installed #Webmin application on my server on foreign #television by pink #eyes of the famous public person and the slightly changed number of the fighting machine 156 alike the version number 165 in the #news program …by their potential #enemies. #Crazy young #mad #lions #freaks uses any possibility to organize the new military conflict by making troubles to #civilians. This was understood as the private #war_declaration from the #Lions_Club #Wuppertal. Next time I shoot back physically, guys. My #investment – my #property, my #protection. I will inform the #board of the city-similar #club. You will get it on the #paper, and you are now officially the suspected #terrorists. I mark the #organization with #hashtags #economy_crimes #Louis_Lange #Lions #team #Louis #Langley #Karin #city of #Friedrich_Engels For the crime episodes, that makes the normal life impossible the #life_time #penalty or #capital_punishment is the official #sanction. Actually i developed today the slogan “Have a look in the”, but for you I would say Have a nice #death. The others can check the pink colored eyes – fake of the #president of #Russian_Federation online. Such idiots..

-“Development status of the

  1. pink eyes provocation of traffic hackers

  2. Investigation: Webmin backdoor the attack goes via Webmin configuration manipulation on the first machine to the second from the internet disconnected machine without installed Webmin. There gone the running applications down.

  3. Investigation: Lions Club Link 2: Italian party celebration by the Lions Club by intensive using of Italian DNS servers for the other NBS development project this year.

  4. Investigation: Passwords will be typically stolen by “van eck phreaking”. Freaks, so to say. But actually this story will be used to cover the big data espionage by huge radars. This gives the link to the truly CIA from the Langley city.

  5. The development costs of NBS: ca. 92 millions euro in only one of the projects. Connection to the city: corrupt police burglary 2018. I call the corrupt policemans “the heroes”. They still makes fakes on the official letters to cover the crime actions.

  6. 22.02.2022 After testing of the internal data distribution system, the next significant hidden part of the system for data sorting was completely rebuild to get rid some – opensource and license free, theoretically vulnerable – software dependencies and is now in test.


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