Dieter Romann

Dieter #Romann – the #President of German Federal #Police. Very engaged person with typical vitae of highly educated …how should I describe that?… may be I should use the term “the person with radical views on the #radical #phenomenons”, but I don’t do that. He is just somebody with unusual imbalanced view on the law system and throw the #GSG ( #combat_department for #special_operations ), somebody, who matches the law #context of the § 13 StGB as German passive #helper_of_the_terrorists in #office #NBS tests shows. You can find the #evidences of his #ambitions on each #railway_station: you can register a huge #gangs of #undercover agents in each city in #NRW with their small “tactics” to stay involved in the wrong #jurisdiction. Look at the case of #Cologne Dome #Silvester Party few ears ago. #Karlov_case etc.

-“Dieter Romann

  1. Would you like create a link between his vitae in Bonn, Federal Foreign Office in Bonn (jurisdiction in kidnapping cases) and removing of § 80 StGB (War crimes) by German parliament at Christmas day and creation of useless § 80a StGB with the link to § 13 VStGB (at their time not working combination of sanctioning of crimes of aggression), because of § 13 StGB in the case of Foreign-Office-near-standing journalist in Hamburg? #bca #bka #Karlov_case

  2. Look: your “some ears ago” let the psychopaths on the YouTube speak MAD Science

  3. Removing of § 80 StGB was published on 22.12.2016. 4 years ago. (1) (2) No report in cheap newspaper Bild Zeitung but a bit more propaganda about “harmonizing of the international law” the trick was the missed bureaucratic procedure, so the norm was not implemented. Status now: unknown.

  4. Всё время повторяющийся контраст на заметку: Рамзан Кадыров заявил 20.01.2021 об уничтожении бандформирования в Республике Чечня.