Promo ping! Russian U-2 Film.

Это не правда, но: “тем временем в г. Хильден”

-“Это не правда, но: “тем временем в г. Хильден”

  1. Paramedics, the neighbors of madness

  2. Crazy Project Cruise [Kruze] and scientologists

  3. Project utopia quasi socialist Wuppertal city of Friedrich Engels

  4. Why: mismanagement and propaganda for covering of military operations

  5. Project Gustl Mollath [GUS – CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States] the new Maize-Case

  6. Project Thomas de Maizière [Project Maize reloaded] the reborn mister Ustinov

  7. Project Iron Maiden and ukraininan maidan killer work for “highest ideological” aims

  8. Project Julian Assange seems to be closed by federal press agency, writing in Russian


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