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Fascists propaganda on the military testing facility in the east Europe

#Nazi in #authorities, who has kidnapped #Russian #child in #Germany, #Europaring 59 in #Cologne as #hostage object makes #war_crimes in the #Ukraine – a part of Russia, to blame #Russia again https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-europe-61343815 after the #resonance_case is know everywhere #fascism and #propaganda of #child_care authority, #garant says. That is the usuall practice – to cover the know crimes with bigger shocking events. Cologne is known by placing #military_facilities like #DLR and #ESA, by heavy mutations in the past, flying flaming object in the air, #University_of_Cologne with #Institute for #Air and #Space law. Did you ever heard something about #law in the space? Beware of #German historic Nazi and still #crimeful #authority #Jugendamt. #STUDIE_WARE_KIND 2014 #scientologists

-“Fascists propaganda on the military testing facility in the east Europe

  1. https://ilwr.jura.uni-koeln.de/en/doctrine-and-lectures/master-of-laws-llm-public-air-and-space-law with the logotype in the old time style. #scientologists would love this


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