-“Internetcafe Berlinerstr. 169 Wuppertal

  1. In Firefox ging es aber, mit Korrektur in der Echtzeit

  2. Der erste Screenshot sagt shon einiges aus: “Scharia police” in action. Die Staatsanwaltschaft sei “Glaube” “geworden”. Deren Stil.

  3. https://wumoneyto.com/loc/wuppertal-of-deu-by-timo-cafe-at-berliner-str-169.html – MONEY TRANSFER – look in that direction – corrupt taxes investigators. They are very famous in Wuppertal for incorrect law handling. The uran-colored taxes authority ( https://www.finanzverwaltung.nrw.de/de/eckdaten/kontaktdaten-wuppertal-barmen ) is very dominant in that part of the city – stalker everywhere, highly likely mental sick or special services drugs consumers under police workers and so go on… the last is definitely well – on they own – documented truth.

  4. obstruction of justice – Behinderung der Justiz – https://dejure.org/gesetze/StGB/258.html