L’italiano (Toto Cutugno) – The Gypsy Queens

-“L’italiano (Toto Cutugno) – The Gypsy Queens

  1. Italia as a beautiful women (victimology) | America | DIA | old communication standard | 3:17 koifish from old Bundestag building, Bonn | americans white espionage ship | black U-Boots: russian, american, (spanish?) | italian nazi with knife (national forces) | italian civilian in white | italian submarine in black | answer | americans coalition building principle

  2. lasCIAtemi and so go on | agency activation trigger

  3. specific picture in Picasso style with specific face

  4. Журналист развивает тему https://www.autonews.ru/news/62052c2b9a7947838996a258


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