Promo ping! Russian U-2 Film.

Mammut-Radar in Wuppertal

#Wuppertal SG and GEFA-BANK #building on Robert-Daum-Platz 1 looks like #Mammut #Radar What is why you will get #followers any time you make a #break on the bank of the #Wupper #river near that building with #underground_parking, river #water access etc. Funny #freaks from the past. #mammut_radar

-“Mammut-Radar in Wuppertal

  1. Robert-Daum Platz 1, 42117 Wuppertal underground parking in Wuppertal near BMW

  2. OMG, the suspension railway station Robert-Daum-Platz will be served by firma SAS or like that…


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