Money getting Roadshow

Financial roadshow of NBS. Again and again and again. The owner of #NBS asks for #financing by #banks, #international_institutions and by private #trading #companies. The professional financial #experts can contact NBS to build together a big and really useful company. Don’t react on #replicas on the #market. The big exists companies sometimes just copy my business #solutions. The only #original is:

-“Money getting Roadshow

  1. To be sure, you told to original some time-action notices:

  2. week 11: local bank

  3. week 12: financial professional with press access in far location

  4. network company in north-west of…

  5. international institution for systematic economic development

  6. February 2021: local international connected electronic trader
    Last year: a lot of local companies
    Earlier: some banks

  7. 26.03.2021: Redaktion

  8. 29.03.2021 some jokes to understand that size of biz it could be:

  9. 30.03.2021 investment fund k.i.n. & co.

  10. 30.03.2021 asset management aui