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NBS has finished a part of robot development

NBS – #Nechaev_Business_Services – has successfully finished the #development of the significant part of the own IT-based #robot with the ( because of #marketing_tactics ) hidden name. All systems are tested and working normally. The #programming #skills for the development of this specific part equals the #programming_skills of entire #universities. #NBS is the #international owner-led law-based #business_consulting, located in west #Germany since 2006. The #software #licensing_politics of NBS is strict reduced to the using only inside the own structure. Next step: development of the hidden #serving_programs, improving of #user_friendly_interface and #business issues. The robot was under development and in an #empiric_phase in complete secrecy mode since 2010. The #investment is just huge. #robots #robotics #it_systems #investor

-“NBS has finished a part of robot development

  1. lol. Now the Ministry of Trade of the USA is coming to steal the development results because of open source and weapons development, how they do extra the logic mistake.

  2. No. No open source, no third-party parts, no weapons development, no ideology, no relatives in the authorities like fake-brother, ambassador Sergey Nechaev in Berlin, no money from unknown investors. Completely own robot now.


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