Pattern: Lettering in the old style

Matching in YouTube: Killer in Kiel – “Lehramt studieren in Kiel” with the same Lettering style

-“Pattern: Lettering in the old style

  1. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence. Influence.

    “Joachim Friedrich Merz wurde am 11. November 1955 in Brilon in Deutschland geboren und ist ein Rechtsanwalt, Lobbyist sowie Politiker der CDU” / Merz – lobby maker of christian party in Germany. Subventions Film Production in Germany comes from CDU and will be protected even on the EU level You know, films can be just #propaganda and #criminal_evasion instrument by forgery of wrong facts like shown with Russian mystical soldier above, who hears to “(think)tanks” in the Film with old German army lettering style Germans are playing the spy games again and again and again most time as Americans or Russians. Think about Dubrovka Hostage, and Twin Towers in NY 9/11 and war answer in Arabic world “from America”. Take that facts to knowledge: You will find Dubrovka in the another old non-really-russian Film “The brilliant arm” in the same lettering style Covering of German mil operations is the task of #MAD. BAMAD is my legal law opponent since 2013 by their own wish. I was nearly killed by that organization or their suppliers, because they can’t understand, that the law is and have access to each paper of German justice departments. They feed me daily with fresh film production in each language, build on the spied information. Back to the films – temporary failure of the operation 3rd war. Now you can perfectly see the structure of the professionals killers too, because they are stupid enough, to try to document the own work in the propaganda: their heroes should be your heroes. Brainwashing via media, permanently tracing, stalking or Guantanamo-like flats could be definitely understood as terrorism.

  2. One more: not exactly the same style, but not regular lettering style go home, Admiral. It’s in Hilden

  3. the views of Hilden

  4. Suddenly in forest

  5. did you ever seen the advertising for brics? BRICS countries in focus, I think

  6. actually the wrote something about rebuilding of old historic buildings, meanwhile the banner placement is more expensive as some donates for brics… 🙂 #mad is so mad