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Intelligence and decision makers market overview 03.2022

2022. It looks like #agony of old European #elites. During the #international #troops are #bombing #Ukraine in #TV under false flag, the Russian channels are blocked, German #WELT shows live the #military #preparation as in the #reality_show, as it would be an show #event instead of people, who normally looks exactly like you, on the mass media is everything about #mental_patients. The news from #BBC – just the #bullshit #story_talking, with deeper pseudo #psychologists #intonations in the #voice. Do you know #MI6? No #problem_solving, never, nowhere. Just the ability to fine talking without taking #responsibility for any #situation. That works by the #Mi-people are the #brokers or #bookmakers, who makes #money against the #trends. You see it: everyone thinks, it s fine now, in that time comes some unexpected #decision, that makes nothing possible. So for example, Mr. #Putin could make it much, much softer in the #Ukraine, but we have what we have. And that is definitely not the style, what the Russians would expect from him. It means most probably the real work will be done under wrong #flag: some European #cities are empty now. Why? Probably, a lot of drugs is on the #intelligence #market now. In #France too. Look at that #junkie #giant #girl picture: https://www.france24.com/fr/france/20220303-on-esp%C3%A8re-arriver-%C3%A0-temps-des-volontaires-fran%C3%A7ais-sur-la-route-de-l-ukraine Moldova wants joint the EU. There is nothing, what stands near to the life quality in the developed #EU_countries, the #goals of the old known rules to join the EU can not be achieved by #Moldova under normal circumstances. But: a lot of #drugs on the #decision_makers #market now. The #France is the one decision makers subject and receives the #application from Moldova. Do you remember french #Qaddafi story and what is happened later with his well organized country? The old financial model for EU with a strict #GDP-growing-rule does not work since years, but hey, a lot on the drugs is on the market now: they just push the buttons, wants to make #economic_expansion (if you know, that it means) without to think about how and who the hell will make #money for the #investors in that old financial system. The #economics growing on #deaths is a #stupid #solution, so it the #opinion, just in case you are under drugs too. So people, cool down. Stay clean. Ask your #doctor for a good #clinic. But please check before, if he is not the junkie too. #News

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