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How to read international scientologists texts

This is how to read #international #Scientologists texts. First of all you should have a look on the special #keywords, it is much easier, if you can speak or read multiple #languages: this is the text, I qualify as the Scientologists text https://time.com/6102655/maid-stephanie-land-poverty/ Step by Step: “poverty!” – very strange Russian imperative of “trust me” in sense of #God and #religion, for the Time readers are the Russians the typically “unknown foreigners”, we can theoretically compare it with the typical figure of the “antichrist” in the religion cults. Okay, thus, move ahead, the next one: #maid#MAD – the #military #radical #counterintelligence #organization, one of the #special_services, historically build by #Nazi and rebuild by #CIA, #hunger – to be #hungry – as the name or as the #aircraft #hangar, “hunger changes you” – #radiation from the #nuclear #missiles in the hangar, #miscarriage – the modified surname of the famous #Scientologist and so go on. Normally you never need the #sects #bullshit, except you hate to read the real #science books and #information in the #open_sources, and that is true: the fake religion of the professional #killers never let you go: they play the mistakes games to get any information from you. You have to open the personal information till stage ” #clear ” by powerful #scam #techniques, because, they stalks and are happy to do mistake to believe, you are the #irradiated aircraft #pilot, who is already mutated and must die, because of… for example “saving the world from blond hair European WWII strangers” and such bullshit or something of this. Their illegal techniques works in ca. 99% of the sect cases, because the Scientologists practice the #essence of all religions and all special services. #facepalm Take care of you and don’t hesitate to punch back if your #freedoms and #rights are broken by Scientologists, religions, corrupt #authorities or special services.

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