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PSY materials for Scientologists murders

they have a kind own #language. #Science is free and ill be misused by some strange persons, who is writing well known facts https://getpocket.com/explore/item/stronger-than-steel-able-to-stop-a-speeding-bullet-it-s-super-wood on the not really new way #Scientologists #psy #killers #data_collection #story_telling #bullshit_publications #names_as_mind_map to keep #accomplishes in mind criminals #negotiations without a contact, because the publication makes normally no #scientific #sense #road_workers crazy stuff own documentation of #madness by authors #Langley #Voss #Abwehr #Eugen_Bleuler and pseudo christian pseudo scientists #company

-“PSY materials for Scientologists murders

  1. okay. Nobody is looking for such information extra. You must got the info from one of this widgets or from advertising online or from e-mail writers. So the info was produces especially for your attention. It means: correct, psi attack. The attack is most probably based on some information, what was stolen by you. So next logical investigation step: phishing. Phishing means illegal data interception a kind fishing. Look around for churches, cars with fish or other sects symbols and read in forums, what the people say about such sects in your region, for example radical Christians http://www.fragdienachbarn.org/was_bedeutet_der_fisch_-_aufkleber_auf_manchen_autos.html direct or indirect, if somebody is tracking you, he, she or they want to be paid for it. So you are in danger now. Fuck on any kind of such organizations, Germans, for example, have in the formally secular state a Cristian party. Soul caregiver 30% of population. They could make phishing together to be successfully in the crime actions. Somebody of them – in very highest state positions – is actively trying to fight another religions with the states instruments. Pretty crazy, or not? more bullshit: https://god.fish/2009/06/28/massenselbstmord-jonestown-todeswahn-einer-sekte-video/ take care and close the data leaks.


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