-“Second Life personage 104BDNiana

  1. You want meet the real personage with that female face? Visit Netto Discounter on the corner of Berliner Str. and Wichlinghauser Str. in the Wuppertal City, Germany. But please be careful, the police in Wuppertal is a bit extremely strange. Just one E-Mail on foreighn diplomats from Wuppertal’s city library can cause bombing in they country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RANpCxR1uK0 It looks like extremely extremism here, ask Whoopi Goldberg, why.

  2. Person, persona, personage in German language has a different meaning: for example the German identity card calls Personal-Ausweis. So, Germans will be totally called as staff (Personal), no individuals. That is the the national-socialism, groups and gangs thinking way. “Das Personal muss sich doch irgendwie ausweisen, warum nicht gleich mit dem Gesicht” https://www.personalausweisportal.de/Webs/PA/DE/buergerinnen-und-buerger/der-personalausweis/der-personalausweis-node.html Psychologists calls that ancient groups behavior “the thinking way of the weakest minds”. That is why criminologists register complex group offence in Germany in the latest phase: look at the WWs history.

  3. Project Cassandra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Cassandra of drunken professionals and money laundering investigators