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Small inferno in the UKraine

Just in case, somebody don’t understand, the #consequences for #genocide: #special_operation: #fire, #local #fuel_crisis, #military #activities, #airports works not properly, #Crimea becomes #water from the blocked #water_supplying #aqueduct, a kind of #hysteria on the GB #financial_market, because of #blocking of potentially #dangerous #investments in the #war against #Russia, secured #area near dramatically known #nuclear_energy_plant, everything fine where, a #helicopter goes down in Russia, 30 fighters on the #periphery gave up, so far no known #civilians was injured and so go on. #Sources: tvzvezda.ru and mail.ru (mail.ru is most probably the #agency of #DST of #CIA) #inferno

-“Small inferno in the UKraine

  1. Fake news ! al least in the part according the water supply channel. The reaction of Mr. Biden according the financing of mail.ru must be the fake also too https://nbs-partner.de/pong/biden-increases-the-genocide-of-russians-via-sanctions It seems to be the hackers war. Everything in scenario in film Hackers (1995) about microcode, virtualization and hardware hacks and TV hacks https://nbs-partner.de/pong/depeche-mode-walking-in-my-shoes-official-video#comment-2300 mail.ru uses insecure JavaScript on top


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