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The modern gas chamber in Germany. How to?

The modern #gas_chamber in #Germany: the adoptive #dual_use_technology in each #house (#PICTURES) https://nbs-research.com/was-ist/moderne-gaskammer/ #gas #technology #fiber #Fiberglas #fiberglass #optical_cable #internet #telekom #mass_destroying #mass_weapons #mass No official reaction from authorities. Probably war crimes in #preparation

-“The modern gas chamber in Germany. How to?

  1. hermetic distribution box for the gas? it must be even much easier: just one crazy person in one of the houses let the gas run and the gas is everywhere, in each house. the terrorists can kill entire streets on this way. Let me call it “Maas and Maassen destruction” by the names of the authorities players.

  2. such successfully tested chem-trail over city https://nbs-partner.de/pong/wuppertal-messwert-radioaktivitaet-5 or poisoned explosion like this one: https://nbs-partner.de/pong/wuppertal-westende could do the rest. pretty cool preparations for the mass destruction. the medicals should know something, if they wear the masks.

  3. EMF test plant on humans https://nbs-partner.de/pong/bockscar-n-77 5 levels, particular wooden house #Whoopi_Goldberg, in the middle of the street, higher radiation

  4. gas channels was integrated by Deutsche Telekom during standard communication blockade


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